Make Bayfront Salon Suites Your Home

Single Inside Suites Starting at $325

Personalize Your Suite

Make your suite your own.  Customize your colors to match your unique style.

Heavy Duty Electrical

We’ve overdone it so you never have to worry about your hairdryer cutting out mid blowout.

Soundproofed Suites

Keep the conversations with your clients private & noise-free from your neighbors.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is key for hair color! We use natural daylight dimmable LEDs.

Individual AC & Ventilation

Control your own temperature and keep out your neighbor’s chemical smells.

Luxury Equipment Included

Single Inside Suite: $325

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Full Amenities

Move In Specials

4 Weeks Free!

Lease one of our and receive 4 weeks FREE!  

Got Friends?

Refer a friend and receive a FREE week’s rent!

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